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History of Quoteland.com
In the summer of 1997, young David Borenstein set out to learn to create web pages. He decided, as he read is school yearbook's quote page, that a web page of quotes would be interesting. He proceeded to post his favorite quotes to a small personal page he called "The Land of Quotes." As he went in search of new material, David found himself at a loss.

David soon discovered that aside from a few personal pages and one cryptic online book, there was not a quotation resource to be found online. A few of the personal pages were nice, but none were hugely useful as resources. With that in mind, Borenstein set out to fill this void.

The Land of Quotes was an instant success. The constant demand for quotations in papers, speeches, and day-to-day life supplied a steady and growing supply of visitors every day. By 1998, the site had developed a formidable presence.

In 1998, The Land of Quotes bought a domain name - Quoteland.com. Traffic doubled that day, and continued to rise as the domain name became more familiar. David continued to expand on Quoteland as visitors continued to stream into the site. After David made his first real advertising contract, he proceeded to revise the site to present a more professional air.

In January of 1999, Borenstein created a professional-quality site. Under pressure from the site's fans, the name was changed to match the domain name, and the site was officially Quoteland.com. Quoteland.com had become a business. Borenstein continued to grow the site until it became too much for one man.

Today, Quoteland has both Borenstein and chief technical officer Adam Lewis as administrative officers, as well as several more research and data entry personel. Under the direction of Borenstein and the computer prowess of Lewis, Quoteland has blossomed and grown - and it shows no sign of stopping.


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