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Welcome to the Quoteland.com Discussion Forum. This is one of the best resources on the internet for discussing quotations and other intellectual endeavors. The messages on this board are open to all. To post a message, you must complete the free registration process and agree to abide by a few rules.

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Quotation Forums
This is why we're Quoteland. These forums deal directly with quotations and quotation research.
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Who Said It?
Have you been quoting someone for years but not known who it is? Find out here.
Moderator: Zendam
Re: For Those used to privilage, e... (thenostromo)
I Need a Quote!
Can't find a quote for a paper or speech? Get one here.
Moderator: Mrs. Micawber
Something like 'everything wor... (EmiryRussey)
Favorite Quotations I & II
Share your favorite quotes with us here - from a single remark to an entire collection.
Moderator: Emeraldcitizen
"Every book is a quotation; and every house is a quotation out of all forests and mines and stone quarries; and every man is a quotation from all his ancestors." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Re: Quote A Day Game - 7th Edition (Trader)
Writer's Club
Have an original work of creative writing? Looking for a community with which to share your work? Welcome to the club.
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If you are specifically seeking constructive criticism, this is the place for you. Please post all works in progress here.
Re: Black Cat Friday (A serial sto... (Phantom_Delta)
Poetry and Prose
All forms of original works of poetry and prose are welcome on this forum. Please post all works in progress to the Workshop.
Moderator: ---
Re: The Moors are Merrier (jchill)
Original Writers' Club
The original Writers' Club forum. You may reply to old topics. Off site links (spam) not permitted. Please post new topics to the Workshop or Poetry/Prose forums.
Re: It Hurts (luvleetasha)
Open Discussion
Escape structure and transcend genre. These forums enable open discussion about just about anything for the Quoteland Community.
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General Discussion
The General Discusion Forum combines the Debate Forum, Learning, Knowledge, & Biographies forum, and the Literature Forum into one. Talk about anything and everything. This is where Quotelanders chill out.
Moderator: Ananya
Re: Remembring Sara Teasdale birth... (Sara Craw)
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Suggestion Box
Have a compliment, idea, criticism or other idea for the Land of Quotes? Discuss it openly here.
Moderator: thenostromo
Re: Copyright (Trader)
Updates and News
Here you can read updates about Quoteland.com from its owners, administrators and moderators. All members are welcome to comment on the posts within.
Moderator: thenostromo
Re: Support Quoteland (Trader)
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