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girls fastpitch softball cheers
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I play softball, well the season just ended but here are some cheers:

(name of person batting)is in the box, shes got holes in her socks,shes gonna run those bases in your faces,(name) is in the box.
(name of person on deck)is on deck, shes gonna hit that ball like heck, she gonna run the bases in your faces,(name) is on deck.
(name of person in the hole) is in the hole, shes gonna hit the ball to the pole, shes gonna run those bases in your faces, (name) is in the hole.

(number: for example, one three-13)one three one three, get a hit. get a hit get a hit, on three. one three one three, get a hit,get a hit get a hit, one three.

way down town by the old cemetary
is where your team is gonna get burried
6 feet wide 12 feet under
when we hit we hit like thunder!
thunder thunder thunderation we're the best team in the nation, we hit with determination our team is a SENSATION!!

hey pitcher look at me im a monkey in the tree ahoo ah ah ahoo

when there has been pitched two strikes, sing this one:
shes a 2 stike hitter your never gonna get her so give up(clap 2x)
so give up(clap 2x)

(when the batter is on second base:
hey you, on 2, wiggle wiggle wiggle, hey u on 2 raise the roof a little, hey you on 2 do the funky disco hey u on 2 smile because i said so

i know more but i cant remember them right now, but here you go, i hope this helps.
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i love them thanks Wink
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if she stole 2nd u can say
we love you
you stole two
oh golly gee
now steal three
score a run
have some fun
we love you
oh yes we do!

Hey pitcher
I like yo shoes
i like yo dollar general shoes
they make me holla
cuz they only one dolla


L-other team on the other side
T-other side
L-we can beat you open wide
T-open wide
L-so come over here and kiss are cleats
T-kiss are cleats
L-mighty (team name)cant be beat
T-cant be beat
then all together


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Welcome to Quoteland!

Before posting, will you perform a topic search - thank you.

You will see that there is in existence a very lengthy thread full of softball chants and cheers.

Thank you girls this is appreciated!

Topic closed.

"But each day brings its petty dust our soon-choked souls to fill, and we forget because we must, and not because we will."...Matthew Arnold. [now that's what I call poetic]
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