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Blue Collar Comedy Tour
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I'm looking for direct quotes from Blue Collar Comedy Tour the movie. Interested in Larry the Cable Guy's story about taking his sister to the flea market/man sellin boots. Any would be appreciated! Feel free to post your favorite moments too!

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I don't really know all of it!!

"My sister..My sister is covered in moles, she's got moles all over her!! We used to call her old moley, then we took her down to the church and got her saved and now we call her holey moley"

"She was feeling down so we bought her a horse...well he broke his leg. So I shot it, now its got a broke leg and a gunshot wound..i guess i'll have to shoot it again"
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Larry The Cable Guy's Holey Moley Story:

My sister, My sister is a covered with moles, shes got moles all over her face there, bunch of moles. We used to call her old moley, but she went down to chruch there and got saved. Now we call her holey moley. It ain't funny to be honest with ya. She's feelin bad bout her moles so we figure lift her spirits, took her up to the flee market up there and git her somethin nice. and we's up there and she's already feelin bad bout her moles and then the night before she got this horse and it busted its leg and I had to shot it. And now its got a broken leg and a gun shot wound. I don't know what you're suppose to shot it for ut ya know i guess it helps in the healing process or something I ain't sure. If it ain't better by next week i'm gonna shot it again. I'll tell ya that much. But we's up there at flea market and my grandma couldn't make it. She got arrested at bass pro shop. Ya she was eatin a corn dog and got the farts in there and they accused her of stealing a duck call and some stink bait at the bass pro shop. ya its rediculious. she didn't even have any pockets on that nightgown she was wearin in there. So we's up at the flea market and my sister's feelin bad bout her moles and she's complaining all day long about her moles, my moles this, my moles that, my moles moles moles. So we walk past this feller up there at flea market, got no legs. Alright, sellin boots. And ah...thats right, no legs, half a arm ya know, one ear, name was lucky. So a I told my sister, I said listen Dewyan, said a you ought to be ashamted of yourself, you ought to be ashamted. Cuz here's a feller who's got no legs, sellin boots, whistlin enjoying himself, and you is complainin bout a few moles. You ought to be thankfull for everything the Lord give ya. And she said ya know what you're right I ought to be thankfull for what the Lord give me. She started to get a little extra hitch in her giddyup ya know started smiling a little more and as soon as we pass that feller there with no legs I heard him say to his buddy good Lord did you see the moles on that girls face right there? Thats right. True story

Blue Collar Comedy Tour is the greatest!!!
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