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You know when you're dreaming
and you kinda know you're dreaming
and you don't want to wake up?

That's what knowing you is like.

Learning to understand your wild heart,
crying as you correct me with your sensitive soul,
sighing as the fire in your fingertips
continually takes me where I wanna go...

Or, maybe it's the way you live the faith that
moves your unbending spirit?
I just don't know;
I try to put my finger on it,
and wind up smiling as thoughts
of you pervasively sway and convey
the kinda joy that everyone longs to know.

Almost like I've been away
and searching for a really long time;
not really knowing what home is until
I found it in your eyes.

Now that I've felt it,
safe in your embrace,
I just wanna stay thank you
for welcoming me home.

We must travel in the direction of our fear
John Berryman

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If you meant this to be a love poem you sure got it right.
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Loved this piece because when you find your way back home it is a blessing indeed.
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What a great poem. I'm going to share it to my friends.
"...not really knowing what home is until
I found it in your eyes..." - to the depths of my soul, brother. The case when you read and understand that the author knows what true love is)
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