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My Best Friend
I cannot talk to anyone
Except when I talk to you.
You know exactly what to say
And how I am feeling too!
You are honest, smart,
Patient and wise
You are kind and mean
I could never despise.
You understand my complexity
And accept that I am strange.
And even though you are a man
I could never love anyone the same!
You are my best friend
And will forever be.
There is nothing that I wouldn't do for you,
And forever that will be!
So when you are feeling
Lower then low,
And need someone who will not judge
Call me up, my dearest friend
I will stay up all night long!
I love you in a different way
Than anyone ever could
Again, you are my best friend
And stay that way, we always should!

~This is written for a close friend,who is also a member of Quoteland (you know who you are). You are dearer to me then all else, THANK YOU for everything, I meant every word!~

~Bleeding so much emotion
not knowing how to stop the infection
Writing out my frustration
Cauterizing the wound
Healing the soul
I'm bleeding pathos
To save my life~
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