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In essentials, unity... (John Wesley?)
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In essentials, unity.
In non-essentials, liberty.
In all things, charity.

I believe this is from John Wesley, the "founder" of Methodism in the U.S., but can't seem to find it by him (or anyone else).
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I found this:
In things essential, unity; in doubtful, liberty; in all things, charity. [Lat., In necessasariis, unitas; In dubiis, libertas; in omnibus, caritas.]
Author: Thomas a Kempis
Source: Imitation of Christ (bk. I, ch. III), (Dibdin's translation)

Get Curious!
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Check here for some interesting discussion links on this.

In another form: In necessary things, unity; in doubtful things, liberty; in all things, charity-motto attributed to Richard Baxter (1615-1691). Baxter referred to RUPERTUS MELDENIUS as the author of the tract.

It appears that Rupertus Meldenius is the winner!

* * *
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Enjoying your site so much and reading past posts. I can answer this. The quote is:

In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; and in all things love.

It is part of the Grounds of the Unity, the (Constitution) of the Moravian Church. A bit of history: Jan (John) Hus, 1369-1415, a priest, was martyred as a heretic and his followers scattered and kept the faith "underground". In the early 1700s after years of persecution a number of them entered into discussions and found they were in agreement "as to the essentials of salvation" and in lesser matters each could do as he thought best. From this came The Brotherly Agreement (Grounds of the Unity) with the statement In essentials,unity; in non-essentials, liberty; and in all things love. This is the foundation of the Unitas Fratrum. In the mid-1700s some members were sent to found church settlements in the US but the Administration remained in Germany. At a time when immigrants were referred to as the English, Dutch, German, etc. these German-speaking people from the Moravia area of Germany- Switzerland- Southern Poland were simply called Moravians, the common name that has remained with the denomination. The Moravian Church remains one of the smaller, lesser known main-line Protestant denominations because until WWII the Administration in Germany refused almost all requests to build new churches. Realizing Nazis could break in and kill them anytime, they granted home-rule and there has been some growth since. In the early years when the Methodist and Moravian churches were getting on their feet John Wesley and Count Nicholas Von Zinzendorf were acquainted and no doubt learned from each other.
I hope Quoteland has included John Wesley's instructions for hymn singing. It's memorable.
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Thanks for the tip, AlwaysCurious. It has been added. Thanks for checking in on this topic.

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