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author of quote
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Need help w/author of this quote:

"Sin will cause you to go farther than you want to go, stay longer than you want to stay and pay more than you want to pay."

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Found it as song lyrics:

Sin Will Take You Farther
Author: Harold McWhorter
Copyright: Homeward Bound Music (BMI). Used by Permission
Album: Goin' in Style (1988)

1. As a child I foolishly turned God away
Not knowing the heartache a sinner must face
But God in His goodness has let me return
To share with His children this lesson I've learned

Sin will take you farther than you wanna go
Slowly but wholly taking control
Sin will leave you longer than you wanna stay
Sin will cost you far more than you wanna pay

2. So with pleasure and promises sin took control
Leaving me dying with nothing to show
Gone were my loved ones and my dearest friends
Only a Savior could love me again

Repeat Chorus twice

Sin will cost you far more wanna pay

* * *
Since we are destined to live out our lives in the prison of our minds, our one duty is to furnish it well~Peter Ustinov
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